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Yahoo Cancel

Yahoo via CrunchBase

Yahoo via CrunchBase

Yahoo made many missteps over last several years, like hiring a CEO that cannot tell you what the company does exactly or firing a bunch of people right before Christmas. Their revenues and profitability have been declining during last several years and quarter-to-quarter. We mentioned earlier their inapt handling of Delicious.
Looking back it’s hardly surprising, as in years past Yahoo ran into the ground a number of major Internet brands, like Geocities and Altavista. And they had cancelled many internal offerings in popular and promising areas, like Yahoo! Bookmarks, Picks, and Buzz, plus Yahoo Featured Listings. Location-based services (LBS) is very hot these days, and meanwhile Yahoo dumps Placemaker and their Traffic APIs. This is beyond not keeping-up with competition, but a pattern of outright failure.

P.S. YouTube founders took Delicious off Yahoo’s hands on April 27th and are now building a new brand around it.

P.P.S. Another Yahoo casualty, MyBlogLog, was discontinued effective May 24.

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