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It’s all about Highest of Technology, sexy stuff like Mobile Health and Social Networking. But one can take this seriously for only so long, so I will aim to amuse the reader along the way.

This blog gives me an opportunity to organize my notes and to entertain while I’m at it.  Hope it will prove fun and educational for the reader, let’s call it researchtainment.

I did not get rich in the .com boom. Some of my friends and classmates did, but most did not.  Many did get nice houses in San Francisco Bay Area that are now worth something in very high six figures.  Most of my friends are not young or hip, not for a couple of decades now.  But we are an educated and smart bunch.

I’m a very late adopter, waiting for every one of my 20-year-old TVs to burn out before getting one of them plasma things.  Last year I got an iPod, had ripped a bunch of CDs, and then set it aside. Next year I may get around to playing some tunes, if I can still find the thing. Better a late adopter than not an adopter at all.

Late-breaking update: The 1995 27″ TV burned out! I rapidly caught-up with the century and now have me a Blueray DVD player with built-in WiFi and Netflix (pre-price increase) that’s connected through HDMI to a 46″ Toshiba LED TV.


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